Be a smarter saver.

College is expensive, so be sure every dollar is working as hard as it can.

Opening a HI529 account and contributing what you can regularly is one smart way to save for college. That’s because HI529 offers:

  • Low average costs. The fee for the Plan’s investment options is 0.75%. For example, invest $1,000 and the annual fee can be as low as $7.50.
  • $10 annual account maintenance fee for Hawai'i residents. A $20 annual account fee is charged to non-residents.
  • Low minimums. Open an account for as little as $15 and make additional contributions of $15 or more.
  • High maximums. You may contribute to an account so long as the aggregate market value of all accounts in HI529, for the same beneficiary, does not exceed $305,000.

Save more than money.

Choose eDelivery for convenience and the environment.


$15 and 15 minutes.

That’s all it takes to start saving for college with HI529.