Be a smarter saver.

College is expensive, so be sure every dollar is working as hard as it can.

HI529 is committed to helping account owners keep as much of their savings as possible. We’re excited to share that, in 2019, fees have been lowered! There really is no better time to open a HI529 account. HI529 offers:

  • Low average costs. Effective January 2, 2019, annually assessed Plan Management Fees for all Portfolios have been reduced to 0.55%.

  • Waived annual account maintenance fee for Hawai’i residents with a Hawai’i permanent or mailing address on file with the Plan. A $20 annual account fee is charged to non-residents.
  • Low minimums. Open an account for as little as $15 and make additional contributions of $15 or more.

  • High maximums. You may contribute to an account so long as the aggregate market value of all accounts in HI529, for the same beneficiary, does not exceed $305,000.

  • Automatic payroll deduction. Enroll online here for automatic payroll contributions to your HI529 account, or download an enrollment kit here and mail the completed application.

Save more than money.

Choose eDelivery for convenience and the environment.


$15 and 15 minutes.

That’s all it takes to start saving for college with HI529.